♥~~Review~~♥ THE GODDESS’S SAGA by Maria Hammarblad

Title: Touch of the Goddess
Series: The Goddess’s Saga Book One
Author: Maria Hammarblad

Drinking and flying is a bad combination. Stephan Forks learns this the hard way when he rams another ship in spite of the vastness of space. A moment later, a strange woman stands on his bridge, looking around with a frown. She’s clearly a figment of his imagination. Nothing in his colorful past of smuggling and smaller crimes prepared him for people appearing out of nowhere. Maria Callaway has carried more names and appearances than she can keep track of, and she’s bored beyond belief. When she runs into Stephan, he seems to be an amusing pastime. He’s interesting, disorganized, pursued by pirates, and handsome. A little too handsome, actually. Maybe she should leave? Neither of them can foresee the chain of events set in action from their meeting. Adventure and danger go hand in hand during the upcoming days, and the collision resonates not only through their own lives, but changes the destiny of the world as they know it.

Title: Wrath of the Goddess
Series: The Goddess’s Saga Book Two
Author: Maria Hammarblad

demigoddess Maria Callaway attempt to settle down on a rural world, the result isn’t entirely positive for the locals. Despite good intentions, the two wreck havoc with everything they do. Their friend Leila offers them to tag along for a job, and leaving the planet seems like a good idea. An adventure could be fun, and how hard can it be to rescue a stranded artificial intelligence? The journey turns out to be more than they bargained for, and Maria finds herself lone protector of the universe. Deprived of her friends and family she only has Stephan to lean on, and her human companion might not be up for the challenge. In the midst of battle and chaos, their destiny awaits.

Author: Return of the Goddess
Series: The Goddess’s Saga Book Three
Author: Maria Hammarblad

Stephan Forks should be dead. When he opens his eyes to an endless desert, he suspects he might have ended up in hell. It doesn’t seem fair after staving off a threat that could have eradicated the universe, but life isn’t fair. His girlfriend, demigoddess Maria Callaway, is blissfully unconscious and shows no signs of waking up. At least she’s there, and her presence indicates he might be alive after all. The situation is desperate, and does not get better from discovering they’re trapped on a world outside the regular universe. A world lacking the basic means of survival, but rich in heat and sand, battered by a relentless sun. Saving himself and Maria will require him to face impossible odds as well as ghosts from the past.

Born in Sweden in the early 1970’s, Maria showed a large interest for books at an early age. Even before she was able to read or write, she made her mom staple papers together into booklets she filled with drawings of suns and planets. She proudly declared them, “The Sun Book.” They were all about the sun. She also claimed, to her mother’s horror, that her being on Earth was a big mistake and that her alien family would come and bring her home at any moment. This never happened, but both the interest in space and the passion for bookmaking stayed with her. As an adult Maria’s creativity got an outlet through playing bass in a number of rock bands, and through writing technical manuals and making web pages for various companies and organizations. She did write drafts for a few novels, but the storytelling muse was mostly satisfied through role playing online on Myspace. It was here, while writing stories together with people from around the globe, she stumbled onto Mike. They started talking out of character, and she moved over to Florida to him late 2008. Today the two are married and live in the Tampa Bay area with three rescue dogs. Besides writing and playing bass, Maria enjoys driving off-road, archery, and Tameshigiri.

Fun Facts 

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Chicken with cashew nuts
Doesn’t eat: Mammals
Favorite TV Show: Star Trek TNG and Leverage
Favorite animal: Border Collie
Quotes: “Full Speed Ahead” and “Caffeine is good for you”

Twitter: @mariahammarblad 
My Review

I’ve read the entire Goddess Saga and I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy these books. Below I have combined my reviews for each book because you will certainly want to have them all, so why not just get this complete set.
TOUCH OF THE GODDESS: I have always been a sci-fi fan so I was really excited to start this story. This book is a unbelievable journey filled with adventure and edge of your seat awesomeness. 
This book is filled with so much adventure that sometimes you feel like you are wearing yourself out. But, I am telling you…give it a minute. I am not kidding when I say edge of your seat! You follow Maria Callaway and Stephen Forks. Hammarblad leaves you yearning for more with this very adrenaline-packed journey through space. There is a little bit of a twist that is unexpected. I couldn’t wait for more!
WRATH OF THE GODDESS: Hammarblad has done it again! I was so looking forward to this book and I was not disappointed! Another exciting voyage into the unknown is awaiting Maria & Stephan, the books magnificent, love-struck pair. The ride gets a little interesting in this book. Maria finds herself in some hot water that may rob her of her precious power. This book is nail-biting and you will be dieing for more!

RETURN OF THE GODDESS: This book left me a little puzzled. The story was phenomenal. The writing was exceptional. The story was unbelievable. It was a roller coaster ride from start to finish. It kept me guessing all the way through and I am so glad for that. I really love how this book turned out. But, I will tell you why I was puzzled. Because the author stops the story here. I am so disappointed that this is the last book in the series and really think that Hammarblad should write a followup. 

All in all, I LOVED them! The whole series. I loved the characters and the story line. It was so fresh. I really needed it. I have been reading paranormal for so long that I was falling over myself to start the next one. 5 out of 5 stars.  

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