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Name: In Love by Design

The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod (Volume III)

Author: By Tracy Ellen

Cover Art: Samantha Prudhon Falkowski

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In Love by Design welcomes you back to Northfield, Minnesota and the life of Anabel Axelrod.
Its official–the sexy, blonde bookstore owner with a sassy attitude, a brain that never stops, and a reluctant penchant for helping her family and friends out of trouble has fallen madly in love.
Anabel doesn’t get to prove what a fabulous girlfriend she’ll make for more than eight hours before Luke disappears out of town. Instead of getting to enjoy being a girl passionately in love, Anabel’s shiny new feelings and trust in her boyfriend are immediately being tested.
Who is the darkly powerful and charismatic Luke Drake? What are his secrets? Does he really love Anabel, or has he been manipulating her to further an intricate plan of cold revenge in the making for over twenty years?
This third book in the series finds the confident Anabel desperately needing her sense of humor and all her understanding of human nature to deal with life. But Anabel soon learns the hard way she has even bigger issues to worry about than family problems and an incredibly hot, but very tricky boyfriend.
She’s made some bad enemies recently and someone wants her dead. After the first attempt on her life, Anabel and Luke team up to solve this mystery, but Anabel is beginning to wonder if she can trust her Dark Prince. Or Is this one fairy tale where love does not conquer all?

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Meet Tracy Ellen…

For all of my life, I’ve always had a thing for shoes that make me say “Oh, yum!” and for reading romance novels written about hot, dangerously smart men and sassy, intelligent women. It’s not an exaggeration to say I’ve avidly read everything I could get my greedy little hands on to find these jewels.

One day this past year or so, I realized that I spend more money on books now than I do on shoes–and I was stunned. Should I be ashamed of this fact or proud? Then an even stranger thing happened. It was like a switch turned off/on inside me. All of a sudden instead of wanting to read about diabolically sexy men, I wanted to write my own story of the building hot romance between a lippy, confident woman and a gorgeously mysterious man.

So began my budding writing career. Then I made another happy discovery—I absolutely love writing and still have a thing for shoes! Since then, my self-published books include A Date with Fate and Courted by Karma in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series. The third book in the series, In Love by Design will be released in September 2013.

For those of you who may want to know some pertinent facts: I was born in Indiana to middle-class parents, the third out of five hellions. My mother wanted to go to work every day. I’ve always lived in the Midwest, except for six steamy months in Florida when I was nineteen. Currently, I reside in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota with my family. The college town of Northfield featured in Anabel’s Adventures is just down the road a jaunt.

I love, love, love connecting with readers. Comments, posts, reviews, and emails are always welcome. Follow my blog or like me on Facebook to be aware of events and giveaways, or new books I’m publishing.

Thanks again for reading my books and supporting this indie author!


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Releasing him, I stepped backwards to allow my smiling gaze to travel slowly over his chest and biceps molded by his long-sleeved charcoal gray T-shirt. This is the first I’ve seen Luke tonight without his leather jacket on, and after a two week absence, I’m impressed with his hard muscles all over again.

Then my eyes are drawn downward by the motion of his hand and I notice he is holding a long black scarf about a foot wide. My head shot up to meet his glittering eyes. Luke did the finger crooking thing again.

I moved closer to him, a moth to his hot flame.

Indicating the silky fabric with my chin, I asked warily, “Is somebody walking the plank?”

“Mmm, no, not tonight,” he replied, smile enigmatically. He raised his hand to let the tie run lazily through his long fingers while I followed its sinuous progress, unable to tear my eyes away.

Fun Facts:


  1. When downsizing my book collection, I donated more paperback / hardback books to the Dakota County Library than any single person ever. (The lazy librarians begged me to stay away after I hit the three thousand mark.)
  2. I became a first-time grandmother two months ago. I love you, Baby Stella Isabelle! (I am totally blown away!)
  3. I met my husband when I was 17 and told my mother and grandmother that I met the man I wanted to marry before we’d even had our first date…
  4. Since I started writing romance novels, I don’t want to read them. (This is terrible!)
  5. Since I started reading nothing but zombie/apocalypse novels, I want to write romance. (This is weird!)
  6. A lot of the characters in my books started off based vaguely on real people before they take on a life of their own. (My mom was not pleased that Anabel’s mother was dead from the start.)
  7. My husband said he gets the eye now from many women—some come out and ask if he is Luke Drake…
  8. When my husband told me that he is getting the eye from many women, I gave HIM the eye—he’s pretty cute.
  9. I read an average of 4-6 books per week.
  10. I write an average of 4-6 hours per day.
  11. I sleep an average of 4-6 hours per night.
  12. The rest of the time, I cause trouble.
  13. My books will always be too long versus too short, if I have anything to say about it. (Gee, it’s not like I’m writing to make money or anything.)
  14. I work part time at a local CoOp.
  15. My daughter has been a vegetarian since her teens and is eco-friendly like Stella. She has terrorized me for years with her knowledge, much like Stella torments Anabel.
  16. I’m taking a gun class. Not that I plan on packing a pistol in my purse, but I like the idea of having first-hand experience on what I write about, if possible. It also ties in with the zombie reading…
  17. My favorite romantic comedy movie of all time is “Something’s Gotta Give”. (Just thinking about it makes me want to watch it!)
  18. My favorite decorating / architectural style is the house in “Something’s Gotta Give”.  (OMG, please go watch that movie, if you haven’t! That beach house is sublime.)
  19. I have a pretty large vocabulary and can tell you what most words mean, if they aren’t too, too fancy, but if I had to pronounce them you would laugh your butt off. (Don’t even get me started on trying to say “edamame” because it’s not pretty.)
  20. My oldest sister really does call me “Spook”, and has for years. Well, it’s usually, after I’ve said something strange—well, strange according to her, but then again, she’s a “Freak”!


Grand Prize: $200 Amazon Gift Card

Runner up:    $100 Amazon Gift Card

5 autographed trade paperback sets of the three book series  (US/CA)

10 Amazon eBook copies of In Love by Design 

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