15 Day Blogger Challenge-Day 3

Today’s post is all about your blogging BFFs. No, not your clique that you have created, but the other bloggers that you have become close to since you started blogging. These are people who you have become close to through blogging, rants, crazy FB messages, and the sort. 
Who are your blogging BFFS?
I would have to say my blogging BFFs would be Rebekkah Ford (Author), Felicia Tatum (Author), Sarah Fae Graham (Blogger, Author, and more), and Lady Amber (Blogger, Tour Host, and more). 
I started on Rebekkah’s and Felicia’s street team first. I read their books and after reading them I began to share them. Before I knew it, I was ALL up in their business!! Rebekkah was my very first street team and Felicia gave me my first opportunity to organize a blog tour!! And let me tell you…it did not go as smooth as I thought!!! LOL. But, I learned a lot (even though I thought I knew what I needed to know) and I wouldn’t have traded the mistakes for the world. We learn from our mistakes. And what would be a BFF if she didn’t ream your a$$ for being an idiot!! LOL
Sarah came a little bit of a different way. I saw Sarah comment on a post and I commented back. I won’t go into what the comment was because it was personal but since then our working relationship has grown. Just recently, she participated in one of my giveaways and sent me a number of AWESOME signed bookmarks to giveaway!! I am so psyched!!!
Lady Amber, well, it started when I hosted a book tour for her. It was so much fun so I signed up for as many as I could! I still do!! LOL. When I recently started organizing my own book tours, she gave me some advice that I found very, very helpful. I love our working relationship (when I remember to send my post link 😉 ) and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!
I do want to mention Debra from Book Enthusiast Promotions in this because even though we don’t speak on a personal level, I communicate a lot with her through book tours and such and she has been so helpful. I don’t know what I would do without her!!
Well, these are my BFFs. Who are yours?
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