Taking my guns?

OK. I know we are all a little upset what we have been hearing in the news about the government imposing on our Second Amendment. Some people don’t care and that is fine. But what is going to happen when the government does sanction weapons and you didn’t care enough? I will tell you. You will be the one huddling behind your neighbor with the shotgun.

Sounds too unreal? Don’t think for a second that our government would do that? Ha. Nobody thought Hitler was going to be the tyrant he was either. You know what the first thing he did was? Disarm his citizens. Do you really think he would have gotten away with half that crap if the citizens would have had weapons to defend themselves?

I don’t think we as Americans really look around and notice when things like this are happening. We have such busy lives that we don’t stop and look around like we should. It’s not our fault……completely. Life has become so fast pased that we never slow down anymore. All the drive-thrus and fast as can be service everywhere you go makes it really hard to slow down sometimes. And it is going to cost us dearly.

You may have seen some of the things being posted on Facebook about protecting our Second Amendment and you aren’t paying attention to what it is saying but you should. People aren’t posting it just because. It is for your knowledge and safety. Don’t think for a second that if given the chance the government wouldn’t become tyrant. Power does funny things to people.

So even if you aren’t taking it seriously, you should be. It will cost you someday.

~ by buriedunderbooks1 on March 26, 2013.

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